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NEWS: 1 GNDR takes SENDAI Framework to Local Governments in Nigeria. 2 2017 International Day for Disaster Reduction organized by CDRCR. 3 ADVOCACY Visits to Disaster Management Stakeholders in Nigeria. 4 . 5 National Consultative Meeting for Stakeholders to Disseminate Frontline Survey Results . 6 AKolawole AMUSAT ED, Centre for Disaster Risk and Crisis Reduction joins other GNDR Network members at the 3rd GNDR Global Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. 7 GNDR Trains Participating Organisations who will manage FRONTLINE Project (2015 - 2017) in 6 selected Risk Zones in Nigeria.. 8 CDRCR Participates in Third United Nations World Disaster Reduction Conference in Sendai, Japan in 2015 - SENDAI Framework (2015 - 2030). 9 Sensitization Campaign and Awareness Rally (A Partnership programme organized by CDRCR in collaboration with Project Shield and NEST/BNRCC). 10 A Public Lecture to mark World Disaster Reduction Day 2009 (A Partnership programmes organized by CDRCR in collaboration with Project Shield, WANEP-Nigeria,South West Zone and Oyo State Emergency Management Agency [OYOSEMA]). 11 A Day Capacity Building for CDRCR Staff and Volunteers on Climate Change. 12 Sensitization Campaign on Market Fire Reduction. 13 Sensitization Campaign on Market Fire Reduction. 14 Annual National Disaster Risk Reduction Lecture and Awards 2008. 15 Brainstorming Meeting for Stakeholders. 16 Training of Trainers Workshop on School Safety and Disaster Management in Nigeria (The workshop was carried out in conjunction with Oyo State Emergency Management Agency � OYOSEMA). 17 Sensitization Campaign in Secondary Schools. 18 Public Lecture to mark 2006 World Disaster Reduction Day.

About Us

We have a long history of building a culture of disaster risk reduction and safety promotion in Nigerian communities.

Centre for Disaster Risk and Crisis Reduction (CDRCR) is a non-governmental, not for profit organization established in Nigeria in year 2005 and got incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in August, 2011 with the mandate to carry out activities tailored towards disaster reduction and safety promotion in Nigerian communities. It came into existence as a result of a dire need of an indigenous organization which will harness local, national and foreign resources to reduce risks and manage disasters in Nigeria having in mind the increasing profile of both natural and human induced disasters in the country.

CDRCR since inception has been able to make tremendous impacts in Nigerian communities in her thematic areas of operation. CDRCR has working relationship with National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA South West Zone), State Emergency Management Agencies (SEMAs in the South West), Red Cross Society of Nigeria, Ministry of Environment in South Western States and Millenium Development Goals (MDGs). CDRCR is also a network member of West Africa Network for Peace-building, Nigeria (WANEP-Nigeria), Global Network of Civil Society Organization on Disaster Risk Reductions (GNDR), Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergency (INEE) and membership of many other international organizations.

CDRCR operates through her National Secretariat in Ibadan, with a national spread but has a stronghold in the South West Zone. CDRCR under the chairmanship of Dr. Taiye Ademola Alabi JP is blessed with talented personnel with expertise in Disaster Risk Management, School Safety Management, Climate Change Adaptation and Environmental Management, Health Related Issues, Conflict Resolution and Peace building etc. CDRCR operates on the field through her team of trained volunteers numbering over 200 spread across the country. It should be emphasized that ‘gender’ is a cross cutting issue in all our focus areas.